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Floor 2 Ceiling Home Services

Flower Mound, TX 

(972) 537-8443

Our Process:

In order to make our projects flow and function in a well organized fashion we have adopted the following processes.


Most estimates will need to be scheduled. Sometimes photos and general information can be enough to generate an estimate.

Estimate appointments are typically performed before 9am or after 6pm - Monday thru Friday and on Weekends by appointment.

Estimate appointments can range from 10 minutes and last up to 2 hours if intense measurements and planning are required.

Most Estimates require time at the office calculating surface areas, sourcing materials, & researching costs. Time = Money

We offer free preliminary estimates however, contingent upon the scope of your project an Estimate Fee ($50) may be required for what may be considered an elaborate project estimate, credited back to your account upon Acceptance. 

Estimates will be sent to prospective customers via Email.

Our Estimate is our Agreement and includes a modified version of what can be found on our Agreement page.

Please convey Acceptance of our Estimate in written format via text message to (972) 537-8443 or email [email protected]

Please provide Monetary Consideration in the form of 20% Non-Refundable Deposit to reserve your spot on our schedule.

This ensures our customers are as committed to the work as we are. This also limits cancellations on our end.

The Non-Refundable Deposit can be retained for credit by rescheduling your project. Rescheduling is always an option.

Typically our PAYMENT TERMS are as follows:

20% Labor cost upfront secures your spot on our schedule.

Final payment is due when Substantial Completion is attained.

Should you elect to do so you may retain up to 3% of the total project value until any Punch List items are addressed. 

See Agreement page for more info regarding Punch List procedures.

If project is one day or less, full payment is due upon completion.

If project duration is 1 – 15 days 100% of materials and 50% of labor costs are due prior to beginning project and remainder (balance) is due upon completion. The 50% above includes your 20% Down Payment.

If project duration is 15 days or more, payment terms will be discussed between the home owner and contractor and scheduled payment terms agreed upon.


We Accept: Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle no additional charge.

Paypal & Credit Cards (3% Minimum Fee added to each payment processed with this method.)

3% Calculation - Your payment amount is 97% of what's due.

EXAMPLE: $100.00 Payment: $100/97= $1.0309X100=$103.09 Payment with fee

All Customer Provided Materials Must Be Onsite Prior To Project Start Date.