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Floor 2 Ceiling Home Services

Flower Mound, TX 

(972) 537-8443

Preparing for Your Renovation or Remodel…

It’s unavoidable – a renovation/remodel will disturb your daily routine. The objective is to minimize the disruption. With Floor 2 Ceiling Home Services taking the lead, the project is sure to run as smoothly as possible.

Through the years we have learned and experienced some techniques that will help ensure you can carry on with your life with as few inconveniences as possible.

PREPARATION & INFORMATION BEFORE WE ARRIVE … By planning ahead and knowing what to expect, your remodel can be very rewarding.

Access to your home – If you will not be at your home during the renovation hours, please make arrangements with our office prior to your start date on how our team will access your home each morning and secure when leaving each evening. Most of our customers provide a key during the renovation project or a garage door opener or garage code. Only our project supervisor will have access to your key or garage door opener.

If purchasing and ordering your own selections

1. Verify with supplier or manufacturer that all your materials are in stock and the complete quantity you need is also currently available; or they will guarantee all selections will be there at least 1 week prior to your project start date.

2. Not in stock, confirm time from your ordering date to deliver date a guarantee arrival by supplier.

3. Back Ordered selections should not be considered for your project as there is no guarantee they will arrive in time. Check with the office if you encounter this scenario and we will double check with manufacturer for you.

Since you may select your own materials, below are some guidelines and information to assist in the decision process with your choices:

1. Stone Slabs and Solid Surfaces – examples: Granite, Quartz, Marble, etc.. Due to common industry constraints, all stone suppliers and fabricators have an exclusive agreement on these surfaces and do not provide costs to General Contractors or re-modelers. Therefore, once your exact slab/slabs and color is chosen, we must secure the material upfront from the fabricator and then will be able to provide a exact cost to you after we contact our fabricator for pricing. You must view the full slabs personally to select and then contact us on your choice to secure and hold. We will need the stone supplier and the name of the slab.

2. Frameless & Semi Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures – our showers are custom built with the exact specifications designed for your enclosure. Our glass installer takes precise measurements once your tile is installed and set. All glass and hardware is ordered separately and custom built to exact specifications for your shower enclosure to ensure a water tight fit. Since, the glass is cut and custom built for your specific shower, it is the last item to be installed and will usually be 7-10 days after the substantial completion date.

3. Custom Cabinetry – our cabinet maker will work with you on the exact design and style you would like to achieve and your particular design and storage needs. In our estimate we estimate standard cabinetry costs; however, until the cabinet maker meets personally with you and discusses your “Wants & Needs”, we cannot give an exact cost. The good news is you are not limited in having custom cabinetry to a particular design – it’s all up to you and what you would like! Once we finalize the design between you and the cabinet maker, we will address any cost differences with a change order once your agreement has been signed.

4. Clear Glass Mosaic, Stained and Translucent Tiles – There are basically three types of clear glass tiles: colored, stained, and plain or non-colored. These tiles require much more attention when installing. Because you can see what is on the other side of the tile, you can end up seeing the path made by the trowel. We use a white adhesive such as mastic and also butter the back of the tiles and press the tiles firmly against the wall with a grout float. Definitely this type of glass tiles takes a significant amount of time to install and considered a upgrade and can take 3 times longer to install than a standard installation, but the result is absolutely worth it. Please consider this additional cost when choosing your tiles.

5. Non-rectified – these tiles may not be perfectly uniform in size. Slight variations in tile size, coupled with rigid tile spacers, can throw a grout line off a tad over the course of tiling a floor. Non-rectified tile does not have the carefully calibrated edges, so larger grout lines are necessary (“1/4” to 3/16”) in order to hide these differences. Most homes have this type of tile and installation.

6. Rectified - rectified tile is laid very close together, edge to edge with very tiny grout lines. Rectified tile has gone through an additional step during the manufacturing process to assure each tile is exact the same size. It is a precision material that requires precision installation, and an additional cost. Please note: Floor 2 Ceiling Home Services utilizes a unique leveling system with all rectified tile installation. Our system is designed to create minimal lippage installation depending on size of stone or tile. The system interlocks the tiles, creating a single flat slab looking surface while the setting material is curing minimizing the possibility of shrinkage or warping; however this system is at an additional cost.

7. Accent Tiles – These types of tiles can be glass, a mosaic blend, or any type of accent band, etc.… Please be sure when purchasing any accent tiles to incorporate into your design to ask the supplier if they are the same thickness as the field tiles you are purchasing in your design. If the accent tiles are less in thickness, we must build up the back of the accent tiles with excessive amounts of mortar to ensure a level surface with the standard field tiles. This is extremely labor intensive and is a substantial upgrade installation. Please be sure to check when purchasing your accent tiles that they are the exact thickness as the field tiles. If you find a tile you just absolutely love and it is not the same thickness we can certainly install, but please consider the additional cost when making your selections.


Our crew will arrive daily Monday through Friday between 8-8:30 AM and leave between 5-5:30PM with the exception of Mondays as we have a weekly company meeting that begins at 7:30AM for approximately an hour. So, on Mondays, the crew will arrive a little later that day – approximately an hour later or could be hour and ½ depending on any materials needed before arriving on your start date. If you will not be there when the crew arrives, Please call the office so we can make arrangements for accessing your home and also securing when leaving.

Vehicles – Please remove vehicles from front or back of house (our trucks and/or trailers will take up quite a bit of space) and or construction set up area for installers and crews. Please let us know what you prefer (back or front) for our truck/trailers to park and set up prior to the start date. This aids in protecting your vehicles from any potential damage and expedites the demolition/installation process along with the entire project.

Crew Set up – Our crew and installers will need a flat place to work outside to set up their tools, saws, and equipment with the most convenient access of entry to and from your renovation area. In case of inclement weather, our crew must have access to a covered area to keep a timely schedule, preferably the garage (these areas will be completely protected if we must utilize them during the construction process. Please inform our office prior to your start date and confirm with the project supervisor the designated area you have chosen when he arrives.

Dust Control - Dust Travels Like Steam. Anything in the immediate area of the renovation space will be covered with fine dust. We will hang plastic over openings in an earnest attempt to keep the dust from spreading to other parts of the house; however, as we enter and exit the area it is inevitable that it will reach other areas of the home. Installers always clean the work area after they have finished, but your house will not be as clean when we leave as it was when we arrived. We always suggest scheduling a one-time cleaning service within a few days after we leave (dust is still in the air and settling for several days afterwards.)

Things you should do before we arrive:

  • Remove any small items from the renovation area/areas (off counters, breakables, small items, etc.).
  • If you are purchasing your own materials, label all cans, boxes with information for the installers with room, area, etc. (for example: Paint: living room ceiling, living room walls, Plumbing: faucet for guest bath, shower fixtures for master bath, etc.) If you have any questions, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you.
  • Move any objects to a clear path from the area of entrance to the renovation space of approximately 4 ft. wide.
  • If we are painting, remove small furniture from the renovation area/areas (i.e. chairs, bar stools, side tables, lamps, etc. – we will help with any large pieces you are unable to move as needed)
  • If we are installing flooring, each room we are installing must be emptied of all contents; including window treatments and wall hangings. If you would like us to schedule additional time to empty these rooms for you, we would be happy to help for an additional fee and notification at time of signing the agreement and permitting our schedule will accommodate the additional time.
  • If we are moving walls, it is best to empty contents of room on either side of wall; however, if you are unable, we require a minimum of 10ft. of clearance in each room.
  • Remove & secure any pets and plants from the renovation areas (please have your pets secured in other areas; e.g. room with doors closed, pet crates, kennels, etc.)

If you are having ceiling or wall painting – Please remove any hanging items from all walls (including wall art, pictures, & window treatments). Small items such as lamps and small knick – knack type items should also be removed to a safe place away from the painting areas. We will move all large furniture items to the center of room and cover with protective plastic.

Prior to project start date, please place blue tape next to or circle with pencil any holes you do not want filled. Floor 2 Ceiling Home Services is not responsible to re hang wall items. We will move all of the furniture to the middle of the room. All furniture and belongings are carefully covered and all floors are protected with the proper drop cloths and coverings during painting. Upon completion of the painting we will place all large furniture back in the location that it was removed from.

You will have the opportunity upon completion of the project to inspect the work and notify the project manager of any alleged defect in the painting work. Please keep a list of any concerns or items you may notice until the end of the day and discuss with the project manager the next morning when he arrives. When project/phase is complete and punch list items are addressed and completed, the painting work will be presumed free of any defects.

Any finished work damaged as a result of other tradesmen on the job site at the time of project will be charged at an additional cost to correct and addressed through a change order.


Upon completion, our on-site project manager will do a personal walk thru with you for our final inspection and punch list items, attending to any touch ups or items as needed, as well as discuss any other projects or work you might want in the future.